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This is my website you can browse it later if you like but for now, let's focus on the horrors.

I'm here to make everything easier for you!

Shall we begin?

As you already know the European Parliament Elections are coming up.
The European elections in Cyprus will be held on 9 June
2024, from 7.00 in the morning to 18.00 in the afternoon.

Your vote will decide which Members of the European Parliament will represent you in preparing new laws and will influence the election of the European Commission. These decisions will shape your daily life and that of many others.

(So, let's not send ELAM maybe?)

On the same day, a total number of eight (8) different elections shall take place to elect:

1. Members of the European Parliament, elected at the national level (across Cyprus).

2. Presidents of the District Organisations of Local Government, elected at the District level.

3. Mayors, elected at the Municipality level.

4. Deputy Mayors, elected at the level of Municipal District.

5. Municipal Councillors, elected at the level of Municipal District.

6. Members of the School Boards, elected at the Municipality level.

7. Community Leaders, elected at the Community level.

8. Members of the Community Councils, elected at the Community level.

Important question:
Are you already registered to vote in the permanent  (general) electoral roles?

If you don't know, ask you parents, they probably do.

The deadline to register is April 2nd.

To register you need:

  • To be at least 18 years old

  • be a Cypriot citizen

  • have been permanently resident in Cyprus in the last six (6) months prior to submission of the application.

    For the ages up to 25, applications can also be submitted onli
    ne by clicking on the icon below.





Otherwise, we do it the old-fashioned way :
Paper applications shall be submitted to the local offices of the District Administrations, the Citizen’s Service Centres (KEP) and the Citizens Centres (KE.PO) located inside the Cyprus Post.

The application form is here:

All this information is from this website here if you want to browse it yourself

(I don't recommend it's unbearable)

But here you go: 


Now let's talk about who is who

First of all, I'm Nuné, and I got involved in this project because I wanted to learn about activism (which I did) and to organise some nice artsy events for the community. I don't know how I got here really.

This is all part of the project POP THE VOTE!

Part of the project is to get 100 people to sign up at with a specific referral link.

If you would like to do that follow the button below and click on "Join"

please join :D help a girl out

On the platform you can learn about the European Parliament, who they actually are and what happens there.

Bueno, now moving on to the Elections.

We will elect six Members!

The European Parliament adopts laws that affect everyone,
especially more vulnerable comm
unities who don't have the privilege of voting.
To clarify. Fascism is on the rise, if we choose to abstain now, we are putting at risk not only ourselves but the ones who are at the risk of discrimination and racism.

No idea who to vote for?

We will know the candidates after the 24th of  April, hopefully on this website right here: 
- Website -


On the voting day, all you have to do is show up to the nearest voting poll near your registered home address and show your ID to vote.

That's it I think
Do whatever you believe is best not only for you but for the community


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