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Nuné Tounjikian

Artist, Emotional Wellbeing Advocate, Podcast host, Youth worker

Date of Birth:

19 September 1995


Nune is a passionate artist, emotional wellbeing advocate, and psychology enthusiast dedicated to exploring the intricate connections between art, human relationships, and mental health.

As a hopeful individual, Nune believes in the transformative power of both art and psychology. Her dedication to shedding light on the impact of trauma and the potential for healing reflects her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

In 2021, I founded my own company, Nunilkas, with a primary focus on producing a wide range of videos for diverse clients.

From artistic films to promotional materials, my company caters to various creative needs.

As a versatile filmmaker, I have embraced various roles in the creative process, showcasing my passion for storytelling and visual arts.  

My keen eye for detail and composition, combined with technical expertise, has made me a skilled camerawoman, capturing visually stunning and emotive footage. In post-production, I have demonstrated proficiency as an editor, seamlessly weaving together scenes, sound, and effects to create impactful and memorable films.

My expertise lies in editing, and I possess a keen eye for knowing when to cut shots and how to craft a compelling narrative. Throughout my filmmaking journey, I have developed my craft as a director, camerawoman, and editor, carefully refining each aspect of the filmmaking process.

Her artistic journey has been marked by creativity and exploration.

She began by delving into Illustration at Coventry University in the UK, earning a certificate that ignited her passion for visual storytelling. Her path led her to Yerevan State Academy of Art, where she immersed herself in painting for two transformative years. Nune’s journey ended in Hanze University in the Netherlands, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

This diverse education has shaped her into a versatile and expressive artist. Her passion for fostering healthy emotional connections led her to organize workshops focused on emotional wellbeing, creating safe spaces for individuals to explore their inner landscapes. 


Nune's commitment to holistic wellbeing is evident through her pursuit of knowledge in psychology. She completed an online course in counseling psychology, enhancing her understanding of human emotions and behavior. Further, her dedication to addressing mental health challenges led her to obtain another certificate of grounding skills for anxiety and PTSD, adding practical tools to her emotional wellbeing toolkit.

Through her creative endeavors, emotional wellbeing advocacy, and exploration of the human psyche, Nune continues to inspire and uplift those who cross her path.

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