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Nuné Tounjikian

Filmmaker - Visual artist - Storyteller - Podcast host Youth worker

Date of Birth:

19 September 1995


Raised as an Armenian immigrant in a deeply traditional household, I witnessed my parents' struggles for basic survival needs. Growing up, emotional and mental health were rarely addressed or prioritized. This disconnect during my formative years ignited a profound desire within me to seek understanding and meaningful connections with others. Through my artistic research, I embark on a continuous journey to bridge these gaps and connect with fellow humans on deeper levels.


Freelance Filmmaker

Nunilkas, Netherlands - Cyprus , 2019 - present

As a versatile filmmaker, I have embraced various roles in the creative process, showcasing my passion for storytelling and visual arts.  

My keen eye for detail and composition, combined with technical expertise, has made me a skilled camerawoman, capturing visually stunning and emotive footage. In post-production, I have demonstrated proficiency as an editor, seamlessly weaving together scenes, sound, and effects to create impactful and memorable films.

My expertise lies in editing, and I possess a keen eye for knowing when to cut shots and how to craft a compelling narrative.

Throughout my filmmaking journey, I have developed my craft as a director, camerawoman, and editor, carefully refining each aspect of the filmmaking process.

Podcast Host & Producer

Facing Love, 2020 - present

Facing Love is a community initiative & podcast started by Nuné Tunjikian and Jordanka Waiyaki. As a detail-oriented producer, I managed all aspects of podcast production, from conceptualizing episode themes to recording, editing, and post-production.By utilizing my expertise in social media and marketing, I effectively promoted the podcast, leading to increased audience size and engagement.

Project Manager

Connect You City, Nicosia, 2023

Successfully leading and delivering European projects focused on social change.

I fostered clear channels of communication to ensure seamless collaboration and understanding among stakeholders. By leveraging my organizational skills, I navigated challenges and adhered to strict timelines, guaranteeing project milestones were met promptly

Social Media Manager

Blend the Space, Creativity School for Adults, Limassol, 2022 - 2023

As a Social Media Manager for a creativity school, I have played a pivotal role in building and managing the school's online presence.

Artistic Practice

Exhibitions, Awards, Publications, Residencies, Workshops

Internship at SIGN gallery, Groningen, Netherlands

"2C at Y2", Y2 Gallery, Groningen

"Memories of existence", Academie Minerva, Groningen

"Third Year Expo", Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen

"It's all in your mind honey", WEP, Groningen

"Overture/Aperture", Prince Claus Conservatoire, Groningen

"Greenlights" group exhibiton, De Loods, Groningen,Netherlands

"TOTU" graduation show, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, Netherlands

Metropolis M magazine "Eindexamens 2020" (publication)

"ALL INN", Het Hem, Zandaam

"First-Time Filmmaker Sessions", Lift-Off Global Network, United Kingdom

"Make Art Not War Teaser Future Film Festival", California, United States

"Wild Out Video Festival", thatalright art space, Taiwan    

       Film Award "Most represented video of the year"

"The World We Live In Festival", Het Floreshuis, Groningen

Mutiny magazine issue 4! (publication)

"Screen & Story Film Festival"

"Creation in Flux", group exhibition in Limassol & Paphos, Cyprus

"Co*Transpose", Art Residency, Dikaia, Greece

Videography workshop for children, Dikaia, Greece

"A-Place MAPPING" photography contest

     4th place award

"Yellow Days" workshop, online

"Self regulation through empathy" workshop, YEU, Nicosia, Cyprus

"INDAF" Film Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus

"Co*Transpose", Art Residency, Dikaia, Greece

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