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Nuné  (°1995, Nicosia, Cyprus)

Armenian- Cypriot artist specializing in photography and filmmaking
A storyteller


People desire genuine, authentic stories to remind them of their own humanity.

Researching the vulnerability of what it means to be human, her works showcase the ways we fall and rise, we learn and grow. The intention of her storytelling is to capture a moment of truth, a moment of intimacy and vulnerability, emphasizing the undeniable fact that we all share similar emotions, we all feel pain and love. A reminder to everyone, to allow each other to feel and safely relate.


Exhibitions, Awards, Publications, Residencies



"It's all in your mind honey", WEP, Groningen


"Pistache" performance by Florent Poussineau, Suikerfabriek, Groningen




"2C at Y2", Y2 Gallery, Groningen


"Memories of existence", Academie Minerva, Groningen




"Third Year Expo", Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen


"TOTU", Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen


"Overture/Aperture", Prince Claus Conservatoire, Groningen


"Greenlights expo" , De Loods, Groningen




"First-Time Filmmaker Sessions", Lift-Off Global Network, United Kingdom


Exhibitions, Awards, Publications


Internship at SIGN gallery, Groningen



"ALL INN", Het Hem, Zandaam


"The World We Live In Festival", Het Floreshuis, Groningen



"WILD OUT VIDEO FESTIVAL", thatalright art space, Taiwan -Film Award "Most represented video of the year"


"Screen & Story Film Festival"


Mutiny magazine issue 4!


"Make Art Not War Teaser Future Film Festival", California, United States


Metropolis M magazine "Eindexamens 2020"


"Plot Twist' Youth exchange, Pelendri, Cyprus


"Creation in Flux" , exhibition in Limassol & Paphos

"Co*Transpose" Art Residency, Dikaia, Greece

"A-Place MAPPING" photography contest -4th place award


Hanze University of Applied Sciences

2017 - 2020| BA in Fine Arts

Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts
2015-2017 | Certificate Course in Painting

Coventry University
2014-2015 | Certificate of Higher Education in Illustration

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